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Fingerprinting Ink Cards

Fingerprinting Ink Cards

Service Description

At AnB Mobile ConciergeFingerprinting & Signing Service, we offer services with compassion, integrity, and kindness. As we do come to you, Adding AnB Biometrics to the listing of services we offer (Our fingerprinting techs use some of the latest techniques to capture the most accurate and reliable fingerprints possible.) Elevating your safety through cutting-edge identification solutions We offer Mobile concierge services for FD-258 Ink Cards for capturing and recording fingerprint data, used by various agencies across the US, Developed by the FBI, the FD-258 card plays a significant role in law enforcement, employment checks, licensing, and more Law requires fingerprint base criminal history checks for designated volunteers, employment licensing, applicants, childcare providers, teachers security, arm guards, security alarm system contractors, traveling nurses, doctors, and realtors just mentioning some professions. ☆Why is Ink Cards so important? Answer: Ink applied directly to fingertips captures the levels of detail reliability. Ink prints are considered more permanent records compared to digital scans! Most law enforcement databases for fingerprint matching and criminal records are based on ink prints. Address will be needed upon booking for appointments for mileage calculations. A $45 deposit is required for the appointment, which is non refundable. Your total fee will be calculated by mileage calculations door tondoor from address listed onbour site in Cedar Park, Tx R/T. Total fees are to be calculated upon completion of services rendered and traveling distance for appointments set online..

  • 45 min

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