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Services We Offer

Here is a brief overview of the services you can expect from us. We are committed to providing high-quality services to our clients and ensuring their satisfaction. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can assist you with. Mobile Concierges are who we are, We Come to You !  

Q: What's the difference in Notary Publics & Mobile Notaries?

A mobile notary is a certified notary public who is authorized to notarize for those on the go .Mobile notaries travel to the customer’s location Executes legal documents upon verification of true the signers True Identity 

There are benefits of using Mobile  Concierges Notaries :










                                                                    Consider using a Mobile Services, As We Do Come to You!


Fingerprinting Ink Cards

AnB Biometrics, we offer fingerprinting ink card services FD-258 clients. Our fingerprinting techs use the latest techniques to capture the most accurate and reliable fingerprints possible. Whether you need fingerprinting services today, tomorrow, etc allow one of our mobile fingerprint tech concierges to assist with your request.....


listing below of some of the reasons for your Fingerprint Ink Cards FD-258:


Adoption, Foster Parenting 


Lawyers Bar Examinations/Lawyers


Banks, Brokers


Bus Drivers, Chiropractors


Contractors & Subcontractors: FEMA, DOD, DHS.


Daycare Center Workers


Dentist & Dental Hygienist:


Employment Agencies


Name Change




Insurance Agents


Massage Therapist/Nurses/Pharmacists & Technicians


Private Investigators


Real Estate Professional/Mortgage Professional


Security Guards






These are just some of the reasons in individuals needing FP cards...Or this could be a personal request of one own to get done.


Either way we are here to get your fingers inked up and onto a card or two...


Schedule appointment today.....Our Ink pad awaits...:)

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Above N Byond Mobile Concierge assist in getting your estate planning documents witnessed and executed.

We understand the importance of estate planning and strive to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible for our clients. 

 We Do Not Prepare the Documents.

All Signers/Witnesses will need to have a VALID US issued ID



Stay tuned for updates. Live Scans Coming Soon.


Mobile Concierge Notary

As we are Mobile Concierges, we do  understand that getting documents Signed can be a hassle, especially if you have a busy schedule, traveling or pressed for time. We do we offer mobile notary services to make your life easier.

Our experienced mobile notaries will come to you, whether it’s at your home, office, or the local coffee shop. Know we may do our best to make it convenient to get things done on your behalf

  • Medical Records Retrieval services available, 

  • Auto Impound Document

  • Vehicle Titles

  • Minor Consent Travel forms

  • Personal Letters, School Residency forms

  • I-9 Employment Verifications

  • Apostille Services (SOS)

  • Easement Docs/Surveys

Commercial/Business Contracts, etc

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

All Signers/Witnesses will need to have a VALID US issued Id

Do you know what is a FD-258 Fingerprint Ink Card?

A standard form used for fingerprinting 


Who issues the FD 258 Fingerprint Ink Cards?

(FBI) ….The Federal Bureau of Investigation 


Some of the Reason for the use of Mobile Fingerprinting Services:


Convenience….. Being able to provide mobile fingerprinting service eliminates the need for individuals or organizations to travel to a specific location for fingerprinting. Fingerprint technicians bring the needed equipment directly to the client's preferred location, either their home, office, or another convenient venue.


Accessibility…. Mobile fingerprinting services make it easier for individuals who may have mobility issues, busy schedules, or limited access to transportation to fulfill fingerprinting requirements. Which ensures everyone can obtain fingerprints ink cards for various purposes, including background checks, licensing, employment, and more.


Efficiency…..Bringing fingerprinting ink card services to clients


Confidentiality….Majority of individuals or organizations prefer the privacy/confidentiality of having fingerprinting done in their own space, oppose to using a public setting. Mobile services offer discreet option for fingerprints ink cards while maintaining confidentiality.




We will accommodate large groups, special events Offering unique requirements, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience for each client getting ink cards


Overall, Our mobility and flexibility of services offer mobile fingerprinting services using FD-258 ink cards.As we Do Come to you !

 We are on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

Schedule today !




Reason for Personal Use for FP Ink Cards


Background Check …..

Many individuals undergo fingerprinting as part of a background check process, either for employment, volunteer positions, or opportunities that require a review of their criminal history.


Identification/Verification….Fingerprinting may serve as a reliable source of personal identification and verification.Some individuals may need fingerprinting for identity verification purposes, in order to obtain certain government-issued documents or licenses.


Immigration Purposes…. Fingerprinting may be required as part of the immigration process, applying for visas, green cards issuance and/or citizenship in many other countries.


Personal Records…. Many individuals may choose to have their fingerprints taken, and store prints for personal records or as a precautionary measure in case they are ever needed for legal or identification purposes in the future.


Legal Proceedings…In many cases, individuals may be required to get fingerprinting for legal reasons, such as when applying for bail, to a court order request, also this may be a requirement related to child custody or adoption proceedings.


Security Clearances……Some professions, industries, within government or other sensitive sectors, require individuals to undergo fingerprinting as part of the security clearance process.


Personal Safety & Security….. Fingerprinting can provide many with a peace of mind to individuals concerned about their personal safety and their security. 

Potential clients choose to have their fingerprints taken as part of a personal safety plan or as a precautionary measure in case of emergencies.


At the end of the day, you and your colleagues have a need for fingerprinting ink cards.

We offer a mobile services

In some cases we offer same day appointments.


Book an appointment today!

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